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Wednesday, February 21st 2018
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 Java/J2EE articles from Artima.com

How the Use of Scala's Features Affects Compile Time
The compiletime project is an attempt to better understand the relationship between the use of Scala's features and compile time. This article gives a quick overview of what we've learned so far.

Getting Started with Play 2, Scala, and Squeryl
In this article you will learn how to get started building web applications with Play 2, Scala, Squeryl, JSON, CoffeeScript, and jQuery. You will also learn how to test the application with ScalaTest and then deploy the application on the cloud with Heroku.

Coding with JRebel: Java Forever Changed
This article addresses the ways in which JRebel has made an impact on how developers spend their day coding.

Borachio: Mock Objects for Scala and Android
Borachio is a mock object library for Scala that supports both mock objects and mock functions.

Fit or Future? Which is More Important When Hiring?
Sean Landis, author of Agile Hiring, discusses how much weight to give to skills match when evaluating a candidate.

A Business Case for New Languages
Unsure about when to adopt a new technology? Do you think your old technology is "safer"? Maybe ... or perhaps sticking with it offers risks of its own. This article discusses some of the benefits of adopting Scala rather than staying with Java.

Using Flex in the Enterprise
In this interview, Frank Sommers, president of AutoSpaces, Inc., discusses how he came to use Flex for his company's enterprise application.

Introduction to Flex and AIR Testing with FlexMonkey
This article offers an introduction to FlexMonkey for testing Flex and AIR applications. In addition to discussing how FlexMonkey works, it touches on how automated functional testing can be used for “developer testing” when unit testing reaches its limits.

Animating Spark Skins in Flex 4
With a demo app from his book, Flex 4 Fun, Chet Haase shows how to use state transitions with the new Spark component architecture in Flex 4 to create dynamic component skins for better user experiences.

Writing Concurrent, Scalable, Fault-Tolerant Systems with Akka 1.0
Jonas Bonér, the lead developer of Akka, discusses the goals of Akka and the recent Akka 1.0 release.

Interactive Spark Components in Flex 4
With a demo app from his book, Flex 4 Fun, Chet Haase shows how to use states with the new component architecture in Flex 4 to create interactive component skins for better user experiences.

Rich Component Skins in Flex 4
With a demo app from his book, Flex 4 Fun, Chet Haase shows how to use the new component architecture, graphics tags, and filters in Flex 4 to create rich custom component skins.

Journey Through Four Interfaces
Frank Sommers discusses his journey through four user interfaces HTML, Swing, Ajax, and Flex.

What's New in Scala 2.8: The Architecture of Scala Collections
In this installment of a series of articles on the latest Scala release, Scala 2.8, Martin Odersky and Lex Spoon explain how the collections library was redesigned in 2.8, and how to extend the library with new collection types.

Azul's Pauseless Garbage Collector
At the JavaOne 2010 conference in San Francisco, Gil Tene, CTO of Azul Systems, discusses their pauseless garbage collector. In this interview, he explains the pauseless collection algorithm.

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