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Thursday, August 17th 2017
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 News from Wired.com

Cloudflare Pulls Support For The Daily Stormer, a White Supremacist Site
Cloudflare pulls the plug on a white supremacist site, after years of declaring neutrality.

The Artist Who Made Zuckerberg Out of Poop Has a New Muse: Elon Musk
You've noticed Katsu's work before—now, the street artist has a new target for his satirical treatment.

A Deep Flaw in Your Car Lets Hackers Shut Down Safety Features
A new wrinkle in auto-hacking research points to a fundamental vulnerability in the CAN protocol cars' innards use to communicate.

Nokia’s New Phone Ushers In the Unfortunate Era of the ‘Bothie’
You like taking selfies and regular photos. Get you a phone that can do both... at the same time.

Plankton 'Mucus Houses' Could Pull Microplastics From the Sea
A larvacean can capture tiny floating bits of plastic, enabling the pinkie-sized critter to eliminate the plastic as waste that falls to the seafloor.

Ditch That Landline and Use Google Home Instead
Now you can call any person or business from your Google Home, like the world's smartest speakerphone.

What Is the 'Alt-Left'? For Starters, Not a Thing
Stop trying to make fetch happen.

Verizon Takes Fourth Amendment Stand in Carpenter V. United States
By fighting against the collection of warrantless location information, Verizon bucks a trend of telecom cooperation with the feds.

The Best Way to Test Students? Make Them Explain It On Video
You will be surprised how quickly a short video conveys just what students know about the subject.

Nikola's $35,000 Zero Electric UTV Offers More Torque Than a Tank
Plus more power than a Mustang GT.

How Solar Eclipses Illuminate the Marvel of Science
Opinion: Solar eclipses helped foster early scientific discoveries. What will the next one bring?

My Instagram Hacker Changed My Life
An Instagram hacker from my Iranian homeland stole my account. Then, against all odds, we became friends.

This Stress-Free Fish Tank Lets Plants Do the Cleaning
Startup Back to the Roots makes a self-cleaning, plant-growing aquaponic fish tank.

Google Culture Should Stay Open
A veteran of Google’s communications team argues for preserving the famous Google culture of debate—even after a controversial firing.

Uber Can't Keep Driving Itself
Without a CEO, COO, CMO, or CFO, Uber can't grow. The company needs to hire someone, and do it soon—or risk dimming its future prospects.

This Battery Breakthrough Could Change Everything
Bill Joy, the green-tech guru who co-founded Sun Microsystems, is backing an energy storage breakthrough that could power the future.

The Solar Eclipse Is Coming—Here's Exactly When It'll Happen
In advance of next week's solar eclipse, Stephen Wolfram explains how many millennia of computation have led us exactly to this point.

Everybody Chill: Robots Won't Take All Our Jobs
Everyone thinks automation will take all our jobs. The evidence disagrees.

Donald Trump's Charlottesville Press Conference Has Roots in Fox News and Twitter
Nothing Donald Trump said Tuesday about Charlottesville hadn't already been said on conservative media, or by the Twitter figures he follows.

New Media and the Messy Nature of Reporting on the Alt-Right
The press is grappling with a conundrum: How much coverage of the so-called alt-right is too much coverage?

Uber Settles with FTC Again, This Time over 2014 Privacy Breach
Agreement is ride-hailing company's second FTC settlement this year.

Ford's GT ’67 Heritage Is Yet Another Tribute to Its 1960s Racing Dominance
Time for another victory lap.

Meet Hexa, a Six-Legged Insectile Robot That's Just As Creepy As It Sounds
It’s not designed to remind you of an insect, though. It’s meant to bring robot hacking to the masses.

What Is Quantum Internet?
A Chinese physicist hopes that quantum communications will span multiple countries by 2030. So ... what's it for?

After Charlottesville, Dark Humor Helps Twitter Grieve
Processing the horror of the weekend involved heavy hearts and gallows humor, in nearly equal measure.

One Year Later, 'No Man's Sky' Is Still Worth Exploring
Though it was released to controversy and anger, Hello Games' exploratory opus offers a space worth meditating on.

Want to Look Famous? Just Photoshop Yourself With Marilyn Monroe and Andy Warhol
A photographer proves that in with a little digital trickery, you can be whoever you want.

James Damore’s Google Memo Gets Science All Wrong
The science in Damore’s memo is still very much in play. His analysis of its implications is at best politically naive, and at worst dangerous.

9 Cool Notebooks to Help You Write Right
Upgrade from the basic spiral bound with one of these stylish notebooks.

Sex, Drugs, and the Inside Lane: Recapping the 2017 World Championships of Track
Sir Mo Farah's big win—and big loss. Usain Bolt's final meet. And Wayde van Niekerk racing to become the next track superstar.

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